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From the bathroom floor
to the dance floor

with Breakup Coach, Jamie Simkins 

Time doesn't heal all wounds. The work you do does. 



Jamie and her amazing program gave me the insight, support and understanding that I desperately needed. I never expected to learn just as much about myself as I did about my breakup, but I did. Now I'm ready to live my 'one wild and precious life.'

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I feel like Jamie "got me." I'm tearing up as a write this because I honestly don't know where I'd be had I not found her. I never thought I'd be where I am today. You can heal! Thank you, Jamie!

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Jamie has changed my life. She has a natural ability to understand and connect with you and her knowledge and passion is so evident. I would not be living the life I am today if it weren't for her.

What healed hearts are saying...

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Doing things differently...

There is no association whatsoever between the time that has passed since your breakup and how much pain you can be in...

That's probably why you've been stuck for a while and not really recovering. 

BUT the good news is...​

...with the right process, it IS POSSIBLE to overcome heartbreak in just a matter of weeks or months. 

Whoa, right?! It drives me crazy and keeps me up at night that most of us don't know this!

Which is why I've made it my mission to share my proven process for healing with as many heartbroken women as I can. 


Are you ready to get over your breakup?

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Close your eyes and picture it...

 It’s a Friday night in the near future and you’re out. Maybe even on a hot date! You’re feeling sexy and full of confidence (and OMG you’re wearing the cutest outfit!)

You’re out with friends and you’re actually living in the moment enjoying yourself!

You’re sleeping peacefully again, and wake up every morning feeling refreshed by a new sense of hope and purpose

You’re excitedly devoting time to work on all the things that light you up. All your passion projects are absolutely flourishing! 

Or maybe you’re walking down the aisle on your wedding day, head held high knowing that you are walking towards the person that you truly deserve. No compromises, no settling

The possibilities are limitless when you open yourself up to healing like my clients have. Like I have

My healing journey brought me:

An incredible, passion-filled life that I am proud of.


The clarity and confidence to find the loving, committed relationship I’m in now.

The inspiration to create a breakup recovery program that actually works.


Fast forward through heartbreak and press play on your life again

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