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Just like you: I've been through some heart-shattering breakups of my own.​ ​Now I’m here to guide you through your breakup… to your beyond.

You might not believe this right now, but there IS an end to the pain, and life can be even better than what you had before. 

I didn't always believe that myself. Before I was a professional heartbreak hacker, I was tormented by my own breakup...


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4 years ago, I had the kind of breakup that made me realize I had to stop putting myself through a sea of red flags. 

It started when he  said he wanted to be in an open relationship. That...definitely wasn't what I wanted for my life. It crushed my soul and made me feel like I wasn’t enough, but still… I stayed and tried to make it work.

I kept trying to make it work because I thought if I "just" changed this or that, then things would get better. I tried to prove my worth so he'd want me…and only me.


Of course, my changes didn’t work. The last straw came when he brought up the open relationship idea again and said he had met someone. 

I was shocked. 


And then I felt stupid for being so shocked. I thought to myself right then and there, “ I have to stop putting myself through this!” I knew it was really over. I walked home in the rain with the whiplash of grief devouring me, but I vowed to myself that this was the last time I was ever going to sell myself out. I was going to do whatever it took to heal.

I literally googled “breakup coach" that night, but my search came up short. So, I cobbled together my own recovery program by using a book here, an app there, and forming a recovery cheering squad. 

I also applied my clinical training as a Trauma Therapist with extensive knowledge of neuroscience to rewire my brain, basically hacking my heartbreak and curing myself. But above all, I relied on my intuition. I knew I already had everything within me I needed to heal. I just had to believe in myself.

After I healed, I felt so alive again. I was head-over-heels in love with my life AND it was even better than the one I had with my ex!







Why I do this

When I realized that I had cured my heartbreak, I wanted to replicate my method in a way that others could use…one that doesn’t rely on willpower or time's passing. One that dramatically shortens the time it takes to get over a breakup. I didn't want another person to suffer needlessly again...not on my watch. 

I believe Auntie Mame when she said, "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"  That line is my northstar. I am obsessed with helping others be the best they can be, to live lives of joy, fulfillment, and connection. I can't stand the thought of anyone missing out on the party so I have devoted my life to showing others the way. 












I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, 10 years of experience as a therapist, extensive training in trauma recovery, and a lifetime full of experience making mistakes, learning from them, and creating a life I love. 

If you're hungry for more, your table is waiting.  Let me show you the way. 










Ready to get started? 


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