Have you fallen down a Google rabbit-hole looking for advice and just need answers + support from an expert NOW?

Schedule a 1:1 coaching call with me to get the objective perspective you need. Not sure which one you need? That's OK, too! Just schedule the length of time you want and I will take it from there. 

Check out your options below. There's something for everyone. 

✔️Press pause on panic
✔️Regain your footing
✔️Get clarity

So you can feel:


​✔️Empowered and Inspired
✔️Centered and ready to tackle the rest of your day
✔️In Control of your emotions and hopeful about the future

Calls will take place via Zoom.


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Burning Questions

30 minute Coaching Session - $75.00


Are you… 


In crisis mode?


Just want answers?


Looking for an expert’s opinion and sound advice?


I’ve got you.




1 HOUR Coaching Session - $150


Are you…


Obsessively googling yourself down the self-help rabbit hole trying to find the easiest way to get over your ex?


Starting to feel like you’re unloading too much of your breakup trauma on your friends?


Wishing you had a plan or a strategy to pick yourself up and stop obsessing?

Let me help you take the next steps.



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1 HOUR Coaching Session - $150

Are you…

On the verge of cutting it off with your current partner?

Confused if you even want to stay in the relationship you’re in?

Feeling stuck on deciding if your current relationship is truly something you feel good about holding onto?

Let’s talk it out.

One hour session so you can decide: Should I Stay or Should I Go?




1 HOUR Coaching Session - $150

Are you…

Starting to feel better, but you’re hesitant to start dating for fear of self-sabotage?


Looking to strengthen your relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU?!


Desiring a healthier approach to dating so you don’t repeat past mistakes, like choosing toxic partners?


I’m here for you.



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